[DEVELOPER LOG] KamanaWe.id front-end

Hello, on this post,Ā I will start my log about developing KamanaWe from the technical sides. DoingĀ android programming;Ā doing liquid design, API-pulling from the web host, back-end codes;Ā such as defining the routing algorithm with DFS/BFS method, setting up the API so the mobile client can pull up the data, and of courseĀ front-end codes;Ā such as doing it look good in browser, make it responsive in mobile, and optimizing the UI/UX sides.

Letā€™s start with theĀ front-endĀ things.


We do theĀ front-endĀ with Foundation 5. Yes, it is a framework, not something you need to do before putting up your make upšŸ˜›

I will not write why I chose Foundation 5 rather than Bootstrap, because each developer has their own preference. But I will tell you the painful process setting this up lol.

At first, we are doing the front-end code from scratch. YES, FROM SCRATCH! And it was really really a pain in the ass. I canā€™t figure out my magic bug that appeared due a lots of code Iā€™ve made before for two days. And I give up, looking for something to speed up the development because I had to do it from all over again.

And then, I chose Foundation 5. *TADAAA *DRUM MUSIC STARTS

OpenĀ http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/, and you will be choose up to 3 pills to consume *doh


I do Sass customizing for solely front-end purposes. Because the back-end wasĀ do with Code Igniter. Hope it works well.

For Sass install, it needs those 3 nerdsĀ :


And donā€™t forget the 2 complimentary nerdsĀ : Compass, and Bower.

Foundation 5 is easy to learn, it was only needĀ a dayĀ to learn it. But, if you are not a UNIX user, I donā€™t know how you can manage those things. Because all the tutorial Iā€™ve found was mostly set the Foundation with CLI (Command Line Interface), and CLI wasnā€™t available on Windows. Thanks to my Macbook, I can do it with less pain.


VOILA! Itā€™s done. It needs 3 hours to set those hell up, and you are good to go!

See you on the next developer log. On the next log, I will write about the Android Development. See ya!šŸ˜‰


Ghadul Bashar, Social Media, dan untuk apa masa muda mu

“Laki-laki mudah tergerak lewat stimulus visual. Wanita mudah tergerak lewat stimulus audio” (Gray, J., 1992.Ā Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. HarperCollinsĀ Publishers LLC.)

Dahulu, saat jaman Rasulullah, tidak ada social media. Menjaga pandangan (Ghadul Bashar) hanya sebatas saat berinteraksi di dunia nyata. Sekarang, dengan hadir nya social media. Di rumah pun munculnya godaan itu tetap ada, untuk yang masih muda, dan masih lajang. Pagi hingga sore beraktivitas. Selesai beraktivitas, iseng buka social media. Klik profile ini, profile itu. Efeknya? Duh, desiran hati begitu halus berbisik. Hati-hati dengan nafsu mu.

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Music, Psychology

Violinist, why they are different from common people

ViolinistOn this article, I will write down about a musician especially violinists.Ā Referenced from a couple of psychology literature, from my own experience playing violin since junior high school, and also my analysis from my fellow violinists.

1. Violinst are mostly more patient, and less aggressive people.

This happens because of theĀ scoresĀ thatĀ we have to memorize, and to play theĀ tempoĀ correctly. It wasn’t an easy things, seriously. Especially for you whom usually hasty at doing somethings, you need to overcome your ego in order to play the slow tempo like Adagio, Andante, or Moderato.

2. They have their left and right brain balanced.

BowingĀ (see bowing techniques), memorizing, and adjusting the tempo. All violinists doing this simultaneously for producing a nice and right sound. Their Corpus CallosumĀ was always in charge when a violinists practice (source : http://musicpsychology.co.uk/evidence-for-a-sensitive-period-in-the-musical-brain/).Ā And it will be an entirely different level if you are playing it on a group of violinists, especially in an orchestra.

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Human development, Psychology

Film dan musik. Dua media yang mampu memberi pengaruh luar biasa bagi psikologis seseorang.

“Karakter sebuah bangsa itu tergantung dari industri MUSIK dan FILM. Kalau isinya romantis-romantis semua, ya orang nya jadi kayak gini.Ā Sedikit melirik ke bangsa Jepang, pasti akan terlihat perbedaannya.”

Auditori,Ā kinestetik, danĀ visual. Adalah 3 karakteristik seseorang dalam memahami, atau menerima sesuatu.Ā AuditoriĀ adalah kemampuanĀ memahami dan (mengingat kembali) informasi yang diterima melalui pendengarannya, karena itu informasi akan lebih mudah diterima ketika mendengarkan orang lain atau bertanya.Ā KinstetikĀ adalah kemampuan memahami dan (mengingat kembali) informasi yang diterima sambil bergerak, dengan tangan dan/atau badannya (bisa sambil lompat2, memegang sesuatu, atau langsung mengerjakan). DanĀ visualĀ adalah kemampuan memahami (dan mengingat kembali) informasi yang diterima melalui penglihatannya. Seperti, belajar melalui bahasa tertulis, contohnya : membaca and tugas menulisĀ (sumber : http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd/styles/vakt.html)

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